In a test of English, writing is one of the components that are still most people consider it difficult, including you and me do not you? Writing in English or write English is one section which often make you failed the English test. Starting from elementary school through college and also who want to work or study in Foreign Affairs had to face English tests. Maybe you are one who never take a test of English for work or study Overseas which hindered because failed the test writing. There is nothing difficult in writing English or write English. It’s the same as any other aspect aspect. If you would like, although not hang but want to try to learn it for sure it will be satisfying.

Then, how to Write My Essay English? English writing does not depend on the length or in short writing but from grammar. Having a lot of English vocabulary or English vocabulary makes it easier to write English or writing in English. To write English, you should determine the target or who the readers of the text. Many people think it is not so important but quite the contrary. If you want to write the article or story for the children, the language used should be easy, simple and can be understood by children as well as if you want to write an essay English or writing adolescents, the language used should correspond to the world of teenagers or adults. If we are beginners in writing the English language should we use a lot more active than the passive voice sentences and using simple sentences.

How to write an essay of English is good and right? An essay consist of at least three paragraphs of introduction, body and conclusion. In the first paragraph or introduction are in Indonesian called preliminary. In the introduction of this there is the aspect of marketing is used, which in this section it should be able to make the reader interested and want to read the passage. In paragraph into two, namely the content or body. In part this is the content of what you want written or conveyed to the reader and the latter is a conclusion or conclusions. In this paragraph, see from the name that is the conclusion, then in the last paragraph contains the conclusion that can be drawn from your writing and usually in the form of opinions or solutions that can describe or conveyed to the reader. All this is a way to write English essays that can be applied in practice your English writing.