Whether you are a mother or father searching for a enjoyable science activity you can do with your kids, a teacher making a lesson plan, or a kid searching for a science challenge concept, yow will discover something to do with Legos. Bill Moyers remained a stalwart presence on the air and online, and stays an inspiration to all of us who cherish his native Texas progressive populism that refuses to dismiss the ethical dimensions of political financial system in the face of an all out assault on public discourse maintained by the best libertarians of the Chicago School of economics who have come to dominate Obama Education policy.

Pearson is without doubt one of the most aggressive corporations in search of to profit from what they and others euphemistically call instructional reform, but which teachers from groups like Rethinking Schools and FairTest see as an effort to promote, promote, sell substandard remedial education schemes seamlessly aligned with the high stakes standardized tests for students and instructor assessments they’re additionally promoting.

We additionally share testimony from a scholar, Teresa Mejia, who was current when TUSD adminstrators removed books and supplies during lessons (this testimony is accessible on activist Brenda Norrell’s weblog: ). We spoke with Mexican American Studies historical past teacher Jose Gonzalez about the historical past and the shutting down of the program.

As instructed in his new ebook, Fire within the Ashes: Twenty-Five Years Among the Poorest Children in America, Kozol vividly takes us back to the scenes of his prize-winning books Rachel and Her Children and Amazing Grace, and to most of the children’s lives he graphically documented, sharing the tragedies, struggles and resilient journeys as they grew into maturity.

They claim that a recent audit revealed that the worth of 1 their textbooks, Fundamentals of Investing, rose a hundred and forty% from 2000 to 2011 (from $108 a duplicate to $260), but, as a consequence of a range of alleged accounting tricks, their royalties over the identical period remained just about stagnant.” Gitman and Joehnk declare they’re owed roughly $470,000 in additional royalties in complete, and that their fellow Pearson authors are likely owed hundreds of thousands more.

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